About hselab.org

Over the years I've (along with my collaborators) learned to use all kinds of analytical tools for my work as a faculty member at Oakland University and as an analyst and consultant in the healthcare industry. This site is a place for me to share some things that others might find useful. Like all labs, hselab contains and is itself an experiment. This experiment is our latest response to the accumulation of experiences we've had over the last 20+ years of doing various things in the realms of industrial engineering, operations research, business intelligence, and informatics in the great big world of health care.

The primary, preliminary, modest objectives of this project are:

  • release some of the models and software we've developed as open source projects in the hope that others in the healthcare IE/OR community will find them useful
  • share some of the things we've learning about creating healthcare analytics tools, especially using open source tools
  • continue to learn about the potential for the latest web technologies to facilitate the spread of healthcare analytics tools and concepts
  • provide us an environment to continue to experiment and learn

The last few years I've gotten interested in application of modeling and data analytics in the world of ecology and environmental science. I'm a total newb in the area (even took some undergrad biology courses to fill in the gaps of my engineering background) but really enjoy learning about the fascinating world of ecological systems. So, in addition to healthcare stuff, there will be some eco-analytics things in here as well.