Here you'll find links to pages containing links and advice on learning various data science related topics.

  • About data science and business analytics -- Learning data science is a journey. This is just a collection of things that might be useful on that journey.
  • Really learn Excel -- I've been spreadsheeting since the Lotus 1-2-3 days and been teaching a spreadsheet based business analytics course since 2000. Here are just a handful of resources for helping you become an Excel wizard.
  • Learn R -- Focusing on resources for those new to R.
  • Learn Python -- Focusing on resources for those new to Python for data science.
  • R and Python textbooks I've taught with -- I've been teaching a course called Practical Computing for Data Analytics at Oakland University since 2014. Over the years I've used a variety of books as the options have increased for classes like mine.
  • Courseware -- These are "open access" Moodle sites for two business analytics related courses I teach. These are a few years old. I'm releasing them publicly in hopes that some of the ideas or materials might prove useful to other educators in the business analytics world. I used and was inspired by similar things shared by others and this is my way of giving back. All courses can be viewed with Guest access. Within a course, just click the Log In as Guest button.